Loucin Guitars

Loucin LD Guitar up closeAll Loucin guitars are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind instruments. We build a limited number of acoustic guitars each year in order to maintain the highest quality standards. There are no “Made on Monday” guitars here. In fact, if anything, you may have to come down to the shop and pry it out of our hands – sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to these incredible guitars. Each one has its own personality and tonal characteristics and most importantly, unlike something you would buy off the rack, this guitar was made just for you.

Loucin LD Acoustic Guitar

Standard Features on the 2017 Loucin LD:

  • Indian Rosewood or Claro Walnut Back & Sides
  • Select Sitka Spruce Top
  • Symmetrical parabolic bracing
  • Our signature Rosette
  • Ebony binding with black/white/black purfling
  • South American Mahogany neck
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Bone saddle & nut
  • Ebony fingerboard, bridge & armrest
  • Ebony bridge pins
  • Ebony headstock overlay
  • Mother of Pearl Loucin logo
  • Rear headstock overlay with volute
  • Gotoh 510 tuners (chrome)
  • Arm-rest “the SLANT”
  • High-Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Loucin light weight TRIC case

The Loucin LD

The LD is our version of what is commonly called a small Jumbo. With a 16″ lower bout, it is slightly wider than a dreadnought and the sides almost as deep. The tight curve at the waist creates a very different sound chamber. The LD is perfect for players looking for rich bass and the overall volume of a large guitar, but with lots of treble clarity and mid-range crunch.

The Loucin ZD

Our ZD model reflects the shape of the ‘OM’ “Orchestra Model” from the 1930’s. 80 years after this body was first designed it has become the most popular 14-fret model with fingerstyle guitarists The compact 15″ lower bout on the Loucin ZD results in balanced tone and immediate response.

The Loucin HD

Our HD model is still in development at this time. We plan on introducing this model on April 20th. This will be our Parlour model & with have a 24″ scale

The Loucin AD 100

The AD 100 is our largest bodied guitar. A 16 3/4″ wide lower bout that will deliver depth & volume. Our Jumbo is the ideal guitar for the Blues with volume and balanced tone this guitar is dripping with deep, rich bass and pleasant trebles that really shine in chord-oriented work. This model is also available in our baritone scale length of 28 1/2″.

These sample tracks were recorded at Big Bang Music Recording Studios using a Loucin LD model with our most popular combination of woods: Indian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top with an SS (soft-scoop) cutaway.